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Neon Signs are experiencing a resurgence and are colorful and nostalgic lighting installations that can brighten up your business in a unique and fun way. Neon signs are custom and have a very long life expectancy.

Custom neon signs allow you to choose from a wide variety of letter designs, colours and finishing touches. Having a custom neon sign designed also means you can choose the size of the sign, and some manufacturers can accommodate requests for whatever size you need.


In traditional neon signs, soft lead glass (crystal) is heated, bent and twisted by hand, then cooled and fused. They are later filled with various gases to achieve different colours. Pure-iron electrodes surrounded by a glass jacket are welded to both ends of the tube and wired to the transformer using high-voltage cables. The glass tubes are then mounted to a backing panel. 

Below are just a few examples of Neon Signs we have created and installed.   

Completion NIGHT shots_edited
ZooMed Neon (1)
Fish Market photo fish
Pacific Palace_edited
ICandy neon (1)
Ohana Cupcakes (2)_edited
The Testosteroom NEON (1)
Tattoo Gun neon (1)
Ohana Cupcakes (1)_edited
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