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Built to stand the test of time, Monument Signs is a great way to get your business noticed. Whether illuminated or not, Monument signs increase visibility, can be used as a landmark and are low-maintenance.

Typically made from brick and motar construction, stone, steel, plastic and other durable materials, Monument signs are designed to be read at eye-level and provide direct line-of-sight information when approaching a main entrance, parking lot, or when you want to make an excellent impression at a business or apartment complex.   

Below are just a few examples of Monument Signs we have created and installed.   

paseo santa fe arch sign
Courtyard Marriot 002
The Forum Monuments done (1)_edited
Streelman monument_edited
Hyatt Carlsbad Inst_edited
Aegis Monument completion (1)_edited
#022 Del Mar (3)_edited
Saks monument panel
Ultris monument_edited
Cardiff Town Center_edited
Oside Mortuary 2
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